1. Know Your Name
    2. Open Mind
    3. Leave A Little
    4. Let's Stay Out All Night
    5. Nothing Stays The Same
    6. Wantchu
    7. Give Me Death
    8. Where Do We Go
    9. Start It Over
    10. Words Are Not Enough
    11. So Hard To Let You Go

released: November 6, 2007
recorded: Avast! II Studios in Seattle, WA
producer: Steve Fisk
co-producer: Stuart Hallerman
engineer: Stuart Hallerman
executive producers: 200 M.A.R.C.7 members

album design by Kevin Goldman
songs by Maktub

lyrics (coming soon)

Start It Over is the fourth album by Maktub. It was written, arranged and recorded in 6 days  (May 6 through 12, 2007) in Seattle and funded by 200 M.A.R.C.7 (Maktub Album Recording Club 2007) members, each of whom donated $50 to help put out some great music. 

Dedicated to Charles Alfonso Watts, Christine Hayes and Uncle George.