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Producers who've recorded Maktub:
Steve Fisk
Michael Cozzi
Bob Power
Gordon Raphael
Stuart Hallerman
Joe Chicarelli
Printz Board
Mark Walk

Where you've heard our music:
The Wire, HBO
Pepper Dennis, WB
What About Brian, NBC
Traffic, film
Joan of Arcadia, CBS
Home Team
Kevin Hill, UPN
Home Depot
The Gap

Radio stations that support us:
KEXP 90.3FM - Seattle, WA
KCRW  89.9FM - Santa Monica, CA
WXPN 88.5FM - Philadelphia, PA
KMTT 103.7FM - Seattle, WA
WYMS 88.9FM - Milwaukee, WI

People who spread our music:
Brady Lahr, Kufala Recordings, Los Angels, CA
Carol Sue Baker, Ocean Park Music Group Santa Monica, CA
Keith Cahoon, Hotwire K.K., Tokyo, Japan
DMX, digital licensing, Seattle, WA
PlayNetwork, digital licensing, Redmond, WA
our fans

People who like our music:
?uestlove, drummer
Uma Thurman, actor
Printz Board, musician
India.Arie, musician
Saul Williams, poet/musician/actor/writer
Ben Taylor, musician
Stone Gossard, musician
Ishamel "Butterfly" Butler, musician
Tom Rothrock, producer
our fans

Cities that support us:
Seattle, WA
San Francisco, CA
Tucson, AZ
New York, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Portland, OR
Los Angeles, CA
San Diego, CA
Detroit, MI
New Orleans, LA
Boston, MA

No shit, they allowed us to play on the same bill:
Dave Matthews Band
Earth, Wind & Fire
Def Leppard
Maroon 5
Ben Harper
Jack Johnson

Other stuff we do:
LeRoy Bell
Goldman Design  and Refresh Skin Care

Bands we've played with:
Emperor Jones
Heather Duby
Citizen Cope
Bernie Worrell
Uncle Cracker
Sean Smith