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Fan powered since 1996
Since it's inception, Maktub has been as much about our fans as the band. We've always found ways to involve fans, and as fans you've always given back big time. Check it out ...

2009 - Free Album
As thanks for your help with Start It Over, we'll be releasing the forthcoming Maktub album as a free download from on June 23, 2009. The album will also be available from iTunes and as a CD direct from and Amazon for folks who prefer those formats. To encourage the free download from we've set the default payment to $0 for the entire album or any individual song download. Help us out by burning CDs for friends, forwarding the download page and spreading the music.

2007 - Massive T-shirt Giveway
With the help of Sonic Boom Records and McCleod Residence we distribute free Maktub t-shirts to fans. We send a shout out to the Maktub email list and end up giving away about 400 free Maktub shirts in a matter of hours. Woot!

2007 - MARC7
200 fans form the Maktub Album Recording Club 2007 (MARC7) by throwing down $50/each to fund the recording of Start It Over. We write and record the entire album in 6 days and send out signed CDs to MARC7 members 1 week before release. We post MARC7 member pictures on the website, donate $1 per fan to Seattle Rock School and list all 200 members in the album liner notes as Executive Producers.

2001 - KIP (Khronos Investor Package)
Fans rally to help push Khronos out the door by buying pre-release packages—essentially pre-funding the album and tour (along with Thaddeus' father, Gerald Turner Sr.). The KIP costs $35 and includes a pre-release signed copy of the CD, limited edition poster and ticket to the release show at the Showbox.

1999 - The Honor System
Maktub makes its debut CD Subtle Ways available on Fans are able to order the CD on the honor system. No up-front payment required (this is before Paypal and easy online credit card processing). When the CD arrives fans write a check and mail it in. People love the trust inherent in this system and spread the word about the band.

1997 - Slowride at the 700 Club
With no recording or funds, Maktub begins a weekly gig at the 700 Club in downtown Seattle. A few fans of the newly formed band bring their friends along and grow the night. Slowride ends up paying for the recording of a 3 song demo and the first Subtle Ways album.

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