tape is rolling

Actually, we're not using tape -- we're recording directly to ProTools which is a fancy way of saying that the new album is all on a hard drive (please no crashie!). But the tape analogy is appropriate as we're burning the midnight oil writing and recording tunes. We began on Sunday and we're heading into the studio at noon-ish today (Wednesday). Our last day for tracking the entire band is Saturday. So far we've got 4 tunes down and they're pretty slamming from what I can tell. It's always hard to see the forest for the trees when living a light-deprived life in the studio, but things are sounding great so far.

I tend to be the typist for Maktub (as in I channel thoughts and blog them) and I think we're all happy to be hanging out making music together. There seems to be a inordinate level of human drama that has occured in recent months with all of us. Reggie is doing well, considering his father just passed away. Thaddeus lost his girlfiend in a car wreck recently and my Uncle George died as we headed into the studio. But with all that we've also had great moments -- success at business, family (Davis recently married Suzette), music, comedy, etc. So, fortune's wheel continues it's cazy spin and like a spinning record it tends to make sweet music.

Some random photos from the studio ...

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