Remember the Hall of Justice?  Where all the Superfriends collect on a moment's notice to whoop some evil ass. That's what this album feels like except in our case it's to record an album and the Superfriends are my bandmates and Producer/Engineers Steve and Stuart. We go into the studio and Stuart takes the week to personally engineer the album and drags out his best vintage preamps and mics for the occassion -- Aquaman in the house. And today at Fisk's house he starts dialing things in and making songs sound glorious -- go Green Lantern. And to think we started with a crazy idea of getting our friends and fans involved in the process by funding the album through MARC7 -- Wonder Twin Powers Activate! Okay, enough.

Today I picked Reggie up from the aiport. He's been at home in Montana hanging out with his mother and back in NYC comedying. Today involved taking a nap, buying some nourishment at PCC, rolling to Steve's house/studio to get the mic up and singing. Here are the pictures to prove it ...

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