Steve Fisk digs it

Rolled over to Steve Fisk's house/studio today with Davis to drop off the masters. After a fine sushi lunch at Mori on 85th, we headed back to Steve's to listen to the rough tracks. Fisk dug it. He and Reggie should be getting together at the end of May to bust out the final vocals. At one point Steve called me and Davis "kids" and schooled us on some old school musicians we'd never heard of (the Chambers Brothers). But I told him about Gene Harris, and it was pretty much a draw. And we learned a bit more about the Kurt Cobain documentary called About A Son that Fisk and Ben Gibbard wrote the soundtrack for -- it's playing at the SIFF this summer so be sure to catch it.

Back to Fisk. He's a total creative nutball hyper-verbal intellectual and probably our favorite producer of all time. Why? Because he rocks and he doesn't put on airs. If fishsticks were fisksticks, we'd all love them ... even without the tartar.  Here's a picture of Steve listening to the tracks in his studio with a few other snapshots (Helloo sign on his front door, sketch of his pug Sarah, safety reflector mural on Steve & Kathy's living room wall):

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