Rolling Watts

Reggie makes Rolling Stone's 2010 Hot List!

photograph by Peter Yang

"At some point, I want people to feel confused," says Reggie Watts, 38, splayed across his Manhattan hotel bed. A biracial Montanan with bright-pink fingernails and a giant Afro, he played in rock and jazz bands before getting into comedy. Last spring, Conan O'Brien picked him to open his national tour, and in a few days he's shooting a Comedy Central pilot for a "trippy variety show." A typical set of his includes improvised electronic-music loops, squirrel impressions and a 15-minute autobiographical doo-wop freestyle. The closest he comes to a joke? "A panther walks into a gazebo. Man doesn't have enough time to say anything, because he's killed instantly." - Rolling Stone 2010 Hot List

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