Reno reviews FIVE

Jul 22, 2009 @ 4:24 PM

I must admit that my review of MAKTUB’s previous album “Start it Over” was a bit harsh. I called it “disjointed” and “forced”. But I still liked it because I have been a huge fan of this band since “Subtle Ways”. I just felt that MAKTUB was settling and no longer trying to make it big; their peak had passed. With Reggie in NYC doing comedy and other members leaving town and having babies (so did I), I felt that one of my favorite bands was leaving me (how selfish) and that I would have to listen to “Khronos” for the rest of my life thinking of what could have been.

But I was wrong. MAKTUB did what I consider the unexpected, they managed to put together more material and recorded yet another album, FIVE (V), to my and every other fan’s delight. And to my surprise, FIVE (V) might just be their best effort to date. Songs like “Took It All Away” and “Slippin' Away” reminded me that this band’s best recordings are not nestled in distant memory, but instead are booming though my car cabin’s interior like a kid with a new bike; I simply love this album.

First of all, the production and sound quality is on par with any major label and by far MAKTUB’s best mix. The dynamics of Davis’s drums and Kevin’s bass are so intricately linked, that I wonder if they might be conjoined twins, thinking, hearing and reacting as a single entity. Reggie’s vocals are breathing and gasping with Daniel’s smooth intonations and inflections. But I think it’s Thaddeus’s guitar work that is the unifying thread that weaves each number together and shows how the members of MAKTUB stay together, no matter the geographical constraints, making an endeavor like FIVE (V) seemingly impractical and, thankfully, possible. A truly great album, which may not become huge in terms of the standards of the music industry, MAKTUB’s FIVE (V) is a quiet sleeper that begs for music enthusiasts to wake up. Thanks guys.

Thanks Wudmun! Maybe we've met, maybe we haven't ... either way it's great to hear this from a fan of the band. We all read your comments and it meant a lot coming from someone who has listened since our first release Subtle Ways. Or as Reggie wrote after reading this, "Wow. That's a nice thing to read!"

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