Pawn Shops, Vimeo, Blake & Greeting Cards

Another stellar day of sun in Seattle brings with it two new songs in the studio.  That's six so far if you're counting. We had a rough idea from a few months back that Kevin had on his ipod. On his morning walk down Pine Street he stopped by Capitol Loans and borrowed a bass off the wall and wrote the killer bass line that pulled together one of our most unique songs to date. And if that's not techie enough for you the second song of the day was written using a video clip on Vimeo that Reggie posted a few days ago as a rough idea.

Favorite Maktub quote of the day comes from the Seattle Times article on Bothell/Seattle's own Blake Lewis who is in the final 4 of the American Idol competition. Quoted in the article is local musician Kent Halvorsen, "The last time I remember everyone talking about the same thing was when Maktub's second album, 'Khronos,' came out".  Thanks for the shameless plug, Kent. Go Blake!

Oh -- and Fisk stopped by the studio to see what he's going to have to work with after we're done recording with Stuart. At one point he told me that my keyboards sounded good ... like I could write songs for greeting card commercials that make women cry. Cheeky monkey.

more random pictures from the day ....

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