New album: donation to Rock School

As part of the new album underway we're creating a MARC7 (Maktub Album Recording Club 2007) membership.  And today Kevin had a great idea that we'll be including as part of your $50 MARC7 membership: a donation to Rock School. Both Davis and Thaddeus teach drums and guitar at Rock School and Maktub is interested in playing a show for the Rock School kids as a show of support for up and coming musicians. Or as Reggie said it best today when the donation idea was proposed, "Lets do that. We need more good musicians in this world!".

In the further evolution of the MARC7 membership, it now includes:
  • your name crammed in the liner notes
  • your picture on the site
  • signed album mailed to you before the release date
  • a $1 donation to Rock School (and we play 'em a show)
  • we all get a new Maktub album -- woot!
I have one more idea brewing and will post if I can convince my fellow bandmates -- or we'll dream up something equally as cool. - Daniel

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