Maktub sounds like a bathroom?

Well not exactly, but I did have a mildly revelatory moment today in Steve Fisk's bathroom. To the left of the toilet (I hope this isn't oversharing) hangs a Pollock-esque splatter painting. And the song we were mixing today at Steve's house, called Words Are Not Enough, is one of the many first take inventions on this album where Reggie sings along and tweaks his vocals with the Line 6 delay as we hammer away on our instruments on a song that is written at that very moment (yikes!). The Line 6 delay is responsible for all the crazy sounds that Reggie makes when you see him on stage fiddling around while singing. At any rate, Steve is more or less managing glorious chaos when mixing this sucker and the splattered paint painting reminded me of the mix. Lest this become to heady a comparison (we are merely a band afterall) the painting was small, had a cheap orange hand-painted frame and was mounted on the patterned formmica wall that can only be found in a 70s era bathroom remodel. So, here's to a strange bathroom painting and the Words Are Not Enough mix that ends with Reggie manipulating perhaps the world's wildest realtime layered vocal sample (you can hear his fingers clicking on buttons like a mad scientist at the end). Go Fisk!

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