Maktub Album Recording Club 2007

Just emailed, but for those not on the list ...

Ever wanted to appear in the liner notes of your favorite band's album? You can help make Maktub's next album! The Maktub Album Recording Club 2007 (MARC 7) is a way for our friends and fans to participate in our upcoming album. $50 is your ticket into the club.

Here's the deal. Maktub is recording a new album in May 2007. We're pulling together the team that engineered and produced our first two albums: Subtle Ways and what Washington Post music critic Michael Deeds calls "... 2002's soul-rock masterpiece Khronos". That would be producer Steve Fisk and Engineer Stuart Hallerman. We'll use your MARC7 membership to get back to our roots. Here's what you get in return:

  • your name in the liner notes
  • your picture on the site as a MARC7 member
  • signed copy of the new CD mailed to you a week before it releases
  • we'll donate $1 to Rock School (where Thad & Davis teach young musicians)
  • a new Maktub album ... woot!
We'd love to have you along for the ride so go grab a MARC7 membership.

Daniel, Davis, Reggie, Kevin & Thaddeus

P.S. MARC7 members email your photo (JPEG or TIFF) to We'll post it on the MARC7 page.

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