Lisbon Space Needle

Note from a friend ...

finally finished the phd, and 2 days ago we moved to lisbon portugal for a postdoc for a few

but i'm really emailing you because last night we walked into a small clothing shop and the guy working there was wearing a graphic tshirt w/ the space needle on it. i told him that we were from seattle, and that he had the the space needle on his shirt. then he told us that we were listening to reggie watts and that his favorite band was maktub and that he had all of their albums. (this guy is portuguese and has never been to the states).

i thought that was pretty random. we're going to meet up with him for a beer next week, maybe he'll be our first portuguese friend.

hope your doing well, here is a link to my portugal blog:

ok bye

Love it. I'll post a pic of our Lisbon fan if they send one along.

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