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Music industry news has been abuzz this week about Radiohead self-releasing their lastest album, and now Nine Inch Nails has announced they're going it alone. Is 'no label' the new black? I do think it's cool that some of the bigger bands are self-releasing albums direct to their fans. However, many articles gloss over the fact that 99.5% of active bands don't have major record deals and have been happily self-releasing albums for years. There are many ways to release an album. You can record it in your basement. You can spend your family's money in a studio or you can even ask some friends to help out (ala MARC7).

Major labels are not a realistic business model for most bands (even the bands they sign). Local bands are typcially more interesting and fulfilling for both fans and musicians. Indie labels, mostly run by music fans, can often really help a band out. Kufala is a case in point. Brady (Kuala's Pres) is a friend of Maktub. His label is enabling us to press and ship the new CD to fans, get distribution through iTunes and record stores, and Kufala doesn't require restrictive or financially punitive contracts. So, although the hype around big bands taking big steps away from big labels is interesting, the real story for me (Daniel) will always be the majority of bands and innovative small labels that work together with fans to put out great music.

So, what's the street date of the new album? It's looking like the first week of November. The CD is physically at Kufala now in LA getting pressed and the final artwork was completed today by Kevin. We'll email folks when the release date is finalized and upload a second song off the new album.

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