Introducing "Five" - previewing a song a week until it releases June 23

We're previewing the first song Slippin' Away from "Five" beginning today, and by the time we reach the magic release date of Tuesday, June 23rd you will have heard 8 of the 9 tracks. We'll save the instrumental for the album just to keep things nutty. So head over here and listen to Slippin' Away.  Let us know what you think. Love it? Hate it? It won't change anything at this point, but bring it!

Reggie named the album "Five" because it's our fifth album and there are five of us. Makes sense. Another interesting fact: the album releases 10 years after our first release Subtle Ways. So, we're about an album every 2 years kind of outfit. But really, you should check out this Five page as it has pictures from the studio, answers to questions and other stuff. Send it to your friends!

We plan on releasing the album as:
  • a free download from (price defaulted to $0)
  • a CD (on and Amazon)
  • via iTunes and as an Amazon download
The free download is a bit of thanks for your help with fan-funding "Start It Over" and generally hanging out with us for the last 10 years. More to report as I (Daniel) figure out how to set that all up ...

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  • (P)Skyhiatrist


    Great opener! I'm looking forward to the rest. -R.

    Great opener! I'm looking forward to the rest. -R.

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