FIVE now on iTunes

A week late, but we'll take it. FIVE is now available on iTunes, as is the entire Maktub catalog. That's right "catalog" as in five albums since 1999. We're officially an institution. When the Subtle Ways came out in '99 people ordered the CD direct from and sent us a check when they received the album in the mail. Back then many people were wary of ordering online and we didn't have an easy system for accepting payment. Anyway, here we are in 2009 and your options have multiplied fivefold:

FIVE from iTunes
FIVE from Amazon as a CD
FIVE from Amazon as mp3s
FIVE from Maktub as a CD
FIVE from Maktub as a free download

In 2019 we'll be beaming it to your brain via your sonicare toothrush. You'll pay us in toothpaste commodities.

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