Coffee vs. Goodbye Yesterday (World Premier) 

Here's a tune we kinda forgot about. It was recorded quickly in Daniel's bedroom a few years ago with Reggie laying the vocal idea down over a drum machine track and some "fake" scratch keys. This was all recorded directly into a lil' Mac laptop using Garageband. When we recorded the FIVE album in 2009 the band laid "real" instruments over the scratch tracks and just kept Reggie's original vocal (and Daniel's backup vocals). We've always written songs quickly, but this is one Reg conceived and captured while the band didn't enter the picture with real instruments for a few years. The original tune we called "Goodbye Yesterday". We changed the name to "Coffee" with the updated version. They're both interesting versions of the same tune. Listen to Coffee (the updated version):

Click the play icon below to hear the original Goodbye Yesterday scratch track. The vocals are the same in each but the original scratch instruments were replaced in the final Coffee version (above). 

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    really nice.

    really nice.

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