6 days

It's Monday. This coming Sunday we'll be in the studio in Seattle recording the new Maktub record. Reggie was staying at my place this weekend -- he's headed to Montana right now to spend time with his folks before the recording. Kevin is headed up on Saturday. I believe they'll both be staying at my house during the recording. Crazy.

I was talking to Thaddeus a few minutes ago (and Davis earlier today). The hunkering down for studio action has begun. We've been anonymously posting tracks on the internet so we can all review our collective song ideas on our own. It's basically a bunch of rough live tracks -- close to 20 -- that we've recorded using a mac laptop when we're in my basement rehearsal space. We're purposefully capturing the song idea as quickly as possible on one live track with all the instruments playing together (so, no mixing necessary) just to get the notes down and the energy of the initial idea. This should give us plenty of material to work with, but in a looser framework so that opportune shite can happen in the studio this coming week. Given that Subtle Ways was mostly written in the studio and Khronos & SWYM were both meticulously written before we entered the studio, this seems like a nice middle ground for us and an approach we've talked about and wanted to try out.

Comparing these initial song idea mp3s with the final product will be fascinating. Perhaps we'll share them with everyone after the album is out there so we can all compare notes! Wish us luck ...

P.S. We're up to 154 MARC7 members -- thanks a million for making this record happen!

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