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Stream, buy, pirate ... blah 

Hey Maktubians—

We've been streamable for a while, but here's a nifty cheat sheet of some of the places you can get your Maktub on:

If anyone out there has a degree in de-confusing Seattle-based Maktub from the other (surely talented) Maktub act, we'd take any tips. Some of the services still don't group our 5 albums together (Subtle Ways, Khronos, Say What You Mean, Start It Over and FIVE). Okay, talk to you in another year or so!

Thaddillac to release a double album! 

Thaddeus has been hard at work as "Thaddillac" on his new double album "Adayzndalyfalayk / One Man Trash Can Band." The double-CD release party is happening at the Seattle Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday, August 25th. Here are the details:
As fans of Maktub, there's no need to describe Thaddeus' stellar guitar work. Now you can experience Thad at the height of his powers: guitarist, songwriter, singer, solo artist. Looking forward to seeing y'all at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle on August 25th.

RIP Gerald Turner, Sr. 

On Friday we received the sad news that Gerald Turner, Sr. (Thaddeus' father) passed away. I'm sure he called many people "young man," but we always felt special when he said it to any of us.

Mr. Turner was a great friend, mentor and financial supporter of the band. As the Executive Producer for "Khronos," he confidently lent Maktub the money to record and produce the album. He then funded our first US tour. We'll always be grateful that a fellow musician and father had enough faith in 5 "young men" from Seattle to set us on the road that put us on the map. Gerald has many accomplishments: musician, producer of local music/theater (including Black Nativity), a successful career at Boeing, church leader, family man ... the list goes on and on. But the most notable to Reggie, Kevin, Davis and Daniel is the friend and bandmate he brought into our world: Thaddeus Turner.

As Gerald liked to say, "the apple does not fall far from the tree."

Thaddeus & Gerald Turner Sr. backstage at a Maktub show at The Showbox, 2007

The Fossett is on 

Okay, horrible pun ... but thank you John Fossett for appreciating us. Right back atcha!

Maktub: Honestly, these guys were the first of the Nu-Soul movement to grab my attention. While Reggie Watts vocal acrobatics may be a showstopper, the musicians are top-shelf and the band is tight. I love all of their CDs, but "Khronos" is still my favorite.

Here's John's article in the Kitsap Sun.

P.S. Random observation—Kitsap Sun backwards is Nu-Spastik. Nu-Soul for Nu-Spastik. No idea where that takes us, but there you have it!

Thin Lizzy with Coco & Puffs 

Considering Reggie's presence of hair, "Puffs" may be as good a nickname as any (and it helps make for a completely absurd blog title!).

Witness the awesomeness of Reggie (Puffs) on Conan (Coco) covering The Boys Are Back In Town (Thin Lizzy):

MTV's $5 Dollar Cover Seattle 

Many moons ago Daniel's director friend Sue Corcoran asked if he and Reggie would be willing to be filmed for an MTV project called $5 Dollar Cover Seattle. We agreed, she swooped in early one day at Daniel's house, filmed a bunch as we attempted to "jam" early in the morning. Fast forward to present day and MTV has released this as one of many $5 Cover Seattle videos. Thanks Sue, Vince and the other folks that helped out!

Cory from People Within  

Daniel (me) ran into Cory from People Within at Uptown Espresso today in SLU. His favorite Maktub show was Bumbershoot 2007-ish? Here's a picture of us (I look like a turtle) but you get the point: he wears orange, I wear green. We should start a basketball team.

Below is a free download of Cadillac Xmas by People Within. It's an awesome cut and I'll be rockin it the entire holiday season. Enjoy ... and friend People Within on FB. Turtle ... out